Problem of AR/MR

Augmented/Mixed Reality is cool, everyone admits it. However, It’s not enough. People aren’t willing to use AR apps or MR headsets in their daily lives. AR/MR has limited possibilities, unattractive content and isn’t focused on daily usage. According to the research done by students of Free University of Tbilisi, 95% of AR application users don’t open the same app for the second time.


Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and lit bit of magic

Unleash AR is developing it's own futuristic SDK by uniting all three major factors: Innovation, Design and Technology.


We are creating “out of box” solutions to daily modern problems with the latest technology.


Unleash AR takes into account all the user's feedback and tries to find the perfect balances between technology and design.


We are implementing AI, ML, 6DoF, OCR/ICR into Augmented Reality to enhance its opportunities.

Show Cases

Poker Game Assistant

Unleash AR provides poker game assistant which will allow users to play poker more precise and wisely.

Doodling in space

You can doodle and draw as much as you want with help of Unleash AR.

Sign Language Translator

You can communicate with your mute friends by just looking at them.

Personal Traffic Assistant

Get all the information while driving just by looking at the road.

Poker Game Assistant

Have you ever dreamt to be able to calculate all possible variations in Poker Game and play as precise as computer is?!

Well, now It is reality. Unleash AR is providing unbelievable experience of Poker gaming which allows you to see current chance of winning, gives your useful tips to play and offers you unforgettable poker game.

Doodling in space

Everyone has at least once pretend to draw with their fingers in empty space. Haven't ya?!

Unleash AR gives you possibility to make your dream come true. Take notes, draw your characters and just express yourself not only in notebook but already in space!

Sign Language Translator

Have you ever tried to communicate with a mute person? Have you felt that awkward moment when you can't understand what is he/she saying?

Well, thanks to Unleash AR this problem no longer exist. Just by looking at the person, you will be able to see what is she/he saying to you and communicate with them.

Personal Traffic Assistant

Have you ever got fined because you couldn't mention that tiny speed limit traffic sign? Is it hard to look at all the signs and focus on driving?!

Well, you aren't alone. That's why we created Personal Traffic Assistant which will notify you whenever new traffic sign is in you eyesight and give you recommendations to drive safely.

Best Team



8 years of experience in project management and Augmented Reality.



10 years of experience in AI, ML, Algorithms.


ML Engineer

7 years of experience in full-stack development.


Software Engineer

4 years of experience in Augmented Reality, algorithms.


AI Engineer

2 years of experience in ML, AI, Game Development.


Software Engineer

5 years of experience in algorithms, ML.

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